Womens clothing and more

A fantastic lineup of womens' clothing and outerwear. See details

Army Digital Camouflage Cross Draw Tactical Vest

Army Digital Camouflage Cross Draw Tactical Vest and so many more. See details

Gloves, Scarfs and Handwarmers

Black thinsulate hunting gloves to Max Grip and more See details

Knives and Tools

From Benchmade, Columbia River, KABAR and many more See details


K341 Triple Retention Duty Holster, SLS Tactical holsters and more See details

Rucksacks, Military and Police Bags

Police bags, military packs, MOB bags and more See details

Boots & Footwear

5.11 Tactical, military boots, SWAT and more See details

Womens clothing and more Army Digital Camouflage Cross Draw Tactical Vest Gloves, Scarfs and Handwarmers Knives and Tools Holsters Rucksacks, Military and Police Bags Boots & Footwear
Northeastern Safety Supply, Inc.


Northeastern Safety Supply specializes in police supply products. We strive to offer you quality Police, Fire and Emergency Medical equipment. We also offer military clothing, survival gear, camping equipment, climbing gear, industrial equipment, janitorial supplies, labels, hazmat placards, emergency preparedness supplies and accessories at reasonable prices. We are constantly adding new products to the site catalog. If you can't find what you are looking for please contact us for price and availability!

Northeastern Safety Supply, Inc. utilizes several vendors in an effort to keep our prices as low as possible. Therefore, your items may be shipped separately.


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